Easy Ways to Plan a Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

The complicated food structure that you find may confused you to plan a food pyramid. You do not have to follow 100% of food choices because you have to adjust it with your needs. But following the basic level of food pyramid is necessary to do. It is because the right level composition of eating plan will give the real benefits to our body. The using of this pyramid is very important in maintaining our health. If you want to plan a food pyramid, you can follow some easy ways below.

Looking for the Inspiration

Looking for the inspiration is important to do in realizing your plan. It may sounds cliches but it does work to guide you in making a clear eating plan. There are lots of inspirations that you can find anywhere. After you get the idea, you can keep it on your mind and realize it later.

Create a Simple Food Pyramid

After get the clear idea, you can start to create a simple food pyramid. Firstly draw a big triangle on a paper then divide it into four parts. You can use horizontal or vertical lines according to your wish. Make sure that the four parts you draw have enough space to put the variety of foods. The first part is for carbohydrate foods, the second part is for vegetables, the third part is for fruits, and the four is for the complementary foods such as chicken, fish, beef, eggs, and milk.

Choose the Suitable Variety of Foods

The next step you can do is choose the suitable variety of foods according to your needs. You can begin it with writing a food list on a paper. After that you can put it the foods name on the food pyramid you make or for more interesting, you can stick food pictures from the internet.

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Write the Number of Calories

Writing the number of calories is the next step to do. It is really helpful for you in controlling the nutrition you eat. You can write the number of calories beside the food pictures on your food pyramid. But you have to know first about how many calories you need each day. Use BMI or Body Mass Index application or through the internet to get the  right proportion you have to consume for your body. Then you can consume variety of foods according to your need in each day. Make sure that it consists of all the the food structure you make.

Stick it to the Visible Place

The last step you need to do is stick the pyramid you make to the visible place. It is not effective enough for you in making a diet plan if you do not stick it in the visible place. Choose the visible place such as refrigerator or your bedroom’s wall to keep you motivated.